Kieran Culkin Finally Gets His ‘Uppies’ on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

We love a fun full-circle moment. Sometimes it’s a show tying the final moments to the very beginning. And sometimes it’s a photo or video of someone reliving a moment from their childhood…in a better way. The latter is the case with Kieran Culkin, who hosted Saturday Night Live recently. The Succession actor and brother of Macaulay Culkin ( you may have heard of him) came with the charm, laughs, and jokes that we want to see. But Kieran Culkin getting lifted up by Saturday Night Live folks like he did thirty years prior is pretty sweet.

His opening dialogue pokes fun at how his Succession character Roman Roy is a terrible human being. And he insists that there’s no way he will embarrass his wife on TV. But Kieran Culkin also takes a quick look back at his previous time on Saturday Night Live. When he was nine, Macaulay was on the show as a guest.

Kieran Culkin on Saturday Night Live stage
Saturday Night Live

Of course, this is when Macaulay was a wildly popular child actor with hits like Home Alone under his belt. Mac gets the star treatment on someone’s shoulders, posing like a strong superhero. Meanwhile, Kieran Culkin admits that kid him wanted “uppies” too. He did get picked up but it, uh, wasn’t as cool and graceful. (Quick side note: It’s funny how many people didn’t know they are brothers. They share not only the same last name, but very similar faces. Hilarious.) The clip shows him enjoying it but the best uppie is one that you don’t have to ask for, right?

Thankfully, he got a second chance at uppies! The famous SNL goodbyes was special this time. Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd hoist Culkin up so he can fulfill his childhood desire. We love that for him! Ed Sheeran and Tracy Morgan, among others, cheer for him as he lifts his arms up in elation. Everyone wants a good uppie at some point in life.

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