KFC Will Pay You to Name Your Baby After Colonel Sanders

One Colonel Sanders hasn’t been enough for KFC in a long time. You’ve undoubtedly noticed the rotating parade of different celebrity Colonels on TV Commercials, ranging from Norm Macdonald to Reba McIntyre to  WWE‘s Dolph Ziggler to Game of Thrones‘ The Mountain. But this array of onscreen mascots is only the first step. The next one is to create an army of baby Colonel Sanders!

Here’s how it works (as tipped off to us by Design Taxi): one baby, born on the Colonel’s birthday of October 9 this year, will win an $11,000 prize (in a particularly generous move, KFC is throwing in an extra $3,850 to take care of some of the taxes on that). All the parents of this baby have to do is name it “Harland,” after the Colonel himself.

Look, it could have been worse. They could have insisted on “Colonel Harland Sanders [Your Surname].” Harland is a perfectly respectable name—Rocket Man star Harland Williams has it, and it’s stood him in good stead. The catch is that if more than one baby is born on that day with that name, the contest becomes a random drawing between all the li’l Harlands. But if your kid doesn’t win, they’ll still have quite the story to tell. (And yes, Harland is traditionally a boy’s name but nobody says the baby in question has to be a boy.)

Legal name changes are possible after the fact, of course. But they cost money. Money you could use to buy delicious chicken instead.

Are you planning to give this contest a go and add to the world’s ranks of Harlands? Please, please let us know below if you are. And keep us apprised.

Images: Flickr/ amrufm, KFC

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