KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is a Playable Hero in STREET FIGHTER 6

Colonel Sanders, the founder and perennial mascot of KFC, is an American icon. Well, you may think that you know the Colonel, but you’ve probably never seen him quite like this before. Recently, KFC Canada took the opportunity to create a playable hero in Street Fighter 6. One that any serious KFC fan can get behind. Yes, that Street Fighter 6 hero is Chef Colonel Sanders himself. Just like Popeye grew muscles when he ate his spinach, it seems in the gameplay, the Colonel grows muscle thanks to his tasty chicken. You can see the newly swole fast food icon flex his guns and kick his opponents’ butts in the video below:

Street Fighter 6 is the first in the iconic game to allow users to fully customize playable avatars. They can then share them with fellow players via special codes, or “recipes.” Yes, as in the Colonel’s “secret recipe.” We’re here for a good callback. Whatever the secret recipe is, if it makes you look as buff as good old Harland Sanders here, we want a taste. Now, KFC is sharing the recipe with the world. And any player can kick butt in Street Fighter 6 using the Colonel avatar. Players who record their Colonel with a hit combo could win a KFC gift card to buy actual food combos.

Chef Colonel Sanders as a playable character in Street Fighter 6.

Harland Sanders, the actual founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, sold the company in 1964. However, his image remained with the company, making his face as ubiquitous as Ronald McDonald’s. The Colonel died in 1980 at the age of 90, so who knows what he would have thought at seeing his face become the symbol of American consumerism. However, he probably would have gotten a kick out of seeing himself take out a bunch of schmoes as if he were Superman. We really wouldn’t blame him one bit.

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