KFC’s New Cheetos Chicken Sandwich Is Overwhelmingly Saucy and Orange

We admit it. This is probably our fault for getting excited about Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos way back when. It was obviously a slippery slope from there to what we find ourselves with today. Although who are we kidding, really? We’d eat this. And unless your diet hard-and fast prohibits it, we reckon many of you would too. KFC has developed a Cheetos chicken sandwich, (seen via Bustle) and is currently testing it throughout the South, where fried chicken and Cheetos are practically sacred snacks, but not usually in the same portion.No, KFC didn’t just add Cheetos to the sandwich. The creators of the Double Down go big or go home, and they’ve developed a Cheetos sauce to coat the chicken in. And since orange cheese glaze on deep-fried chicken isn’t enough for the madmen in the Colonel’s kitchen, there’s also mayo on the bun. They didn’t add any token veggies like lettuce or tomato, because why pretend? This is no salad.If you’re saying to yourself that this might not be the best idea, we agree. Obviously the best idea would have involved Flamin’ Hot Limon Cheetos (and maybe some kind of ghost pepper mayo), but you have to start somewhere. And this monster sammich is getting rolled out right now in parts of North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. We eagerly anticipate the inevitable commercials in which whoever the next Colonel Sanders celebrity actor is gets punked by a CGI cheetah. How exactly would the Colonel’s famous suit stay white if he ate this sandwich, anyway?

Image: KFC

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