Kenny G’s Son Has a Heavy Metal Band That Absolutely Shreds

Go ahead, name your favorite ’90s saxophone player. If you said Kenny G, then congratulations, because you’re in the exclusive group of people known as everybody reading this story right now (we presume). That’s totally fair, since Kenny G has been a master of instrumental music for the majority of our lives. His brand of smooth jazz has surely, um… helped foster a romantic encounter or two, but it seems his son’s music will serve a totally different purpose.

Max Gorelick, who went ahead and used more than just the first letter of his last name, is not a saxophonist, but a guitarist. Along with Jake Miller and Asher Bank, he’s one third of the band The Mantle, a group that plays what is essentially the exact opposite of smooth jazz: heavy metal, citing influences like Animals As Leaders, Plini, and Dream Theater.Gorelick first got some attention for his guitar chops (and he definitely has them) in 2012, when metal legends Megadeth shared a video of him playing a solo, adding, “His dad may live in your elevator, but Kenny G’s kid shreds!” It turns out that he, and his bandmates, are also extremely capable songwriters, as they’ve demonstrated on their self-titled debut album that released a couple days ago. The music isn’t too heavy to scare away non-metal fans, and it definitely shows a strong sense of both melody and virtuosity from the group.

How does Kenny G feel about his son’s decidedly less serene musical leanings? Based on his Twitter (which is a goldmine for dad jokes, by the way), he’s a super proud father:

The Mantle is available to stream and download here, or you can listen below:

Featured image: Kiera Wood

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