Kelly Sue DeConnick to Helm AQUAMAN at DC

Kelly Sue DeConnick is nothing less than a force of nature. Whether she is breaking boundaries with Bitch Planet or reimagining Captain Marvel for an entirely new generation, she is one of the most exciting and beloved voices in comics. Well, at the DC publishers breakfast this morning at San Diego Comic Con, Jim Lee and Dan Didio let slip that Kelly Sue would be the next writer to take on the ongoing undersea world of Aquaman alongside artist Robson Rocha!

Kelly Sue DeConnick to Helm AQUAMAN at DC_1

It’s unfortunately rare that a woman gets to write a male superhero book, so this is a bold move for DC, though it’s also an incredibly smart one! Kelly Sue was the architect behind Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and that has shaped the face of not only the comics but also the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From what Lee and Didio shared, it sounds like Kelly Sue will be exploring the character and expanding on his mythology as well as examining him; Lee even brought up Batman Year One and Daredevil Born Again. Lee hinted that it will be a deep dive into Arthur Curry, who will be dealing with his abandonment issues, and might even come across some other mythical sea gods along the way…

We cannot wait to see what Kelly Sue DeConnick and the fantastic artist Robson Rocha are going to bring to the expansive lore of DC’s Atlantis, Aquaman and the wider DCU! Will you be picking this cool comic up? Let us know below!

Images: DC Comics, Kelly Sue DeConnick

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