Keke Palmer Debuts Her Rogue X-Men Cosplay

For years now, Marvel fans have been speculating on just who will play the eventual rebooted X-Men in the MCU. Even with Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine, at some point, Kevin Feige is going to give us all new versions of Marvel’s mutants. Recently, fans expressed their desire online to have actress Keke Palmer play Rogue, the Southern Belle with the ability to absorb superpowers from those she touched. Well, apparently Keke is totally down for that role. This past Halloweekend, she posted several pictures of herself as the sassy mutant from Mississippi on social media. Check it out!

Although her Rogue look is definitely a new one, it was certainly inspired by the character’s look in the ’90s. This look comes from artist Jim Lee for X-Men #1 back in 1991, and it became iconic thanks to X-Men: The Animated Series a year later. We have to say, we prefer the purple jacket Keke has on to the old brown bomber jacket. It evokes the same feeling, but it’s a bit more stylish. We do wish Keke had the classic Rogue headband, though. Maybe if/when she gets the part in the MCU, someone in the wardrobe department can convince her to give us that headband.

Keke Palmer in Nope, and Rogue from X-Men: The Animated Series
Universal Pictures/Marvel

If Keke gets the role via internet fervor, it wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened. After all, it was fans online who pushed for Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka, and then that came to be. In the Marvel Universe, fans clamored for years for John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic. And this year, Feige cast him as a variant of the character in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Keke may be calling her X-Men teammates “sugah” on the big screen one day after all. We would love to see it happen.

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