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Calling all fitness geeks! With our prime fitness fantasy show Max Hit Points now in downtime, we know you Rangers of Solaria may still have a strong desire for your weekly fitness regimen. And in true lead the way Ranger fashion, Geek & Sundry is here to answer your call.

DAREBEE is an independent fitness resource website that has almost everything you want regarding physical fitness, including exercises, total body workout programs, training plans, nutrition information, and much more. The site was built on the belief that “fitness should not be complicated, it should not be boring and it should not cost a fortune.” DAREBEE is also 100% free “(no ads, no sign-ups, no pay-per-download)”, and stays free by being exclusively supported by user donations.

There are a couple hundred individual fitness workouts and programs available here, and you are highly encouraged to go through and find ones to work for you. But for fellow Rangers of Solaria, here are 8 RPG-themed workouts to help your character stats stay high during Max Hit Points’ hiatus.


Individual workouts are workouts of the day (wods) you can do either by themselves, or combined with other wods during your exercise time. Pick from the following list based on the character class traits of your choice you want to build on. Or, in true RPG fashion, let your favorite d6 decide.

1. Ithilien Ranger
“Rangers are known for stamina, strength, speed and agility and the Ranger workout takes you through each component in turn.”

2. Dragonborn
This is a Skyrim-inspired workout “for every adventurer out there who has managed to dodge the arrow”.

3. Rogue
“The Rogue workout builds strength where you need it so that you can make your body do what you command it to.”

4. Paladin
The Paladin workout focuses on “helping you increase trunk stability and posture holding” through push-ups and planks.

5. Barbarian
“Unleash the barbarian within you with a total strength workout that loads muscles concentrically and eccentrically and works them throughout each set for best results.”

6. Warlord
“Warlord is a slow, deceptively easy looking workout that loads a lot of different muscle groups and does not let up.”


DAREBEE Programs are 30, 60, or 90-day daily exercise plans designed with “a unique attribute, focus and complexity”. The following two 60-day Programs are also designed in RPG fashion, similar to Max Hit Points, and focus on general fitness through bodyweight exercises.

Hero’s Journey
“Hero’s Journey is a role-play fitness program inspired by every hero’s transformation from minion to master. Each day takes you through a stage of the journey, presents you with fresh challenges, opportunities and threats. Each of these is accompanied by exercises that test your skill, push your performance and require you to adapt and develop in order to go on.”

Age of Pandora
“Age of Pandora is the world’s first, fully immersive fitness quest. You get to be the hero in a post-apocalyptic, fully realized world that really needs heroes. Your workouts reflect the activities of the central character. You are given the opportunity to fight monsters, forge alliances and save the world. You get to do it at your level of fitness and progress at a pace you find works for you.”

Bonus Actions

Aside from exercises, DAREBEE has a full inventory list of other items and equipment to help you on your fitness campaign.

  • If this is your first encounter with fitness, start off by reading the Introduction, which explains DAREBEE Programs, wods, Challenges, Daily Dares, and The Hive Community.
  • If you want to measure your current fitness level, take this handy Fitness Test, which measures your strength, speed, and recovery time, and will help you gauge what level of difficulty you should do DAREBEE workouts on.
  • Check out the extensive DAREBEE Video Exercise Library to see vids on how to properly do the exercises here.
  • Are you already using your polyhedral dice in your workouts? Try out the nifty DAREdice. Have your GM award you bonus XP if you can find a way to use them in your next RPG session!
  • Read the post Play Games & Stay Fit, and learn how you can be both a game geek AND a fitness geek, and why you should.
  • Follow DAREBEE on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • And if you find DAREBEE supporting your positive wellness lifestyle, return the favor by supporting the DAREBEE Project with your donations.

Have you been using DAREBEE as one of your fitness resources? What is your favorite RPG-themed workout? How has fitness helped you level up your overall wellness? Tell us in the comments!

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