Keegan-Michael Key Tries out New SKYRIM Iterations in Bethesda’s E3 Parody Trailer

Well, it wasn’t quite a Skyrim 2 announcement. But if you’re going to do anything even moderately frustrating, pulling it off with genuine humor is a good way to go. As part of an E3 presentation that was a fakeout prior to a new Fallout 76 trailer, Bethesda showed a “new commercial” for Skyrim on some all-new platforms, including Alexa, Etch-A-Sketch, and ’90s-style pagers.

Keegan-Michael Key, who solidly proved his nerdy bona fides as part of Key and Peele, is the test case for all these new versions, and of course he finds himself uniquely challenged by the all-new interface, as well as a wife who seems confused about the distinctions between video games and reality.

“Fus Ro Dah” seems to require actual physical action even in a speech-based adventure, so lord knows what has to happen for you to take an arrow to the knee. But this seems like a limited scope for new/old media. Can we not get a Skyrim VHS board game? A Skyrim touchtone interactive 900-number? Skyrim Choose Your Own Adventure books? Let’s at least get Keegan into one of those horned helmets, because we bet he could rock it pretty hard.

Are you bummed this commercial is obviously fake? Should Skyrim branch out in strange new and old ways? And if so, what format would you like to see? Give us some suggestions below in comments.

Image: Bethesda

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