This Musical Ode to Keanu Reeves Is Breathtaking

It might feel like a lifetime ago because 2019 has been a… long year, but it’s only been six short months since Keanu Reeves blessed the E3 2019 audience with his presence at the Microsoft presentation. Not only did he reveal exciting details about the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu reached instant internet boyfriend status when he gleefully responded to fans’ enthusiasm by shouting, “You’re breathtaking!”

Gamers’ hearts melted, and a delightful meme was born.

Keanu Reeves at E3

Keanu has long been admired for staying grounded and humble in spite of his fame. (Did you know there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to talking about how awesome he is?) And it wouldn’t be the only time he’d respond to his fans and their clear adoration by returning it with the same genuine energy. So it’s no wonder that the tributes to Keanu just keep on coming, like this song written and performed by the Russian group The Chalkeaters.

“This summer at E3 Keanu Reeves warmed the hearts of millions of gamers around the globe by showing up on the stage of the CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk 2077 event and making us all feel Breathtaking,” wrote the group on YouTube.


The sweet vocals by Natalia Natchan and ethereal animation give the song a dreamlike feel. The song also paints a picture of a cynical and grey game industry brightened by Keanu’s involvement with a title as big as Cyberpunk 2077. While some of the lyrics show indications of not being written by native English speakers, it just adds to the charm and the authenticity of the emotions behind the catchy song. “A whirlpool of puppies in vague neon light” isn’t an image painted with words that you hear every day, but you know which emotion the heartfelt song is conveying.

“This is a love song to everyone’s favourite actor, who unintentionally connected so many people and brought them into one whirlpool of kindness and joy,” says The Chalkeaters in the video description. “And puppies!”

You can never go wrong with Keanu and puppies.


Give the song a listen and you’ll find yourself feeling the warm presence of Keanu Reeves. The group, which describes themselves as makers of “songs about video games and gaming memes,” has also penned musical tributes to Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Bowsette. Support The Chalkeaters now by purchasing “Breathtaking” for any time you need a virtual hug from one of your favorite humans.

Featured Image: Microsoft

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