Kate Mulgrew to Voice Dueling Janeways in STAR TREK ONLINE

The dark Mirror Universe has been a staple of Star Trek lore since 1967, when the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror” originally went on the air. Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and most recently, Discovery also explored the parallel reality where our favorite characters are all evil. But one of the few series that never got a Mirror Universe component was Voyager. So we never met an evil Captain Janeway before. Until now that is.

Via Gizmodo, we’ve learned that Star Trek Online will add Kate Mulgrew to the voice cast. And not just as Starfleet Admiral Janeway, but also as her Mirror Universe counterpart, Marshall Janeway. This will all take place in the current season of Star Trek Online, titled Shadow’s Advance. You can see and hear the return of Kathryn Janeway in the trailer down below:

Kate Mulgrew joins Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green as only one of two Star Trek Captains to join the long-running MMO. But they’re not the only notable ladies from the franchise to join. Mary Wiseman is reprising her role as Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly from Discovery. That’s the Mirror version of the sweet Tilly from the Prime Universe. Also onboard is Deep Space Nine’s Chase Masterson as Admiral Leeta, the Bajoran leader of the Terran Empire. Yet another nasty version of a normally sympathetic character.

The Star Trek Online version of Admiral Janeway, voiced by Kate Mulgrew.
Star Trek Online / Perfect World Entertainment

Interestingly enough, the second big Star Trek Online expansion, Delta Rising, focused mainly on Voyager characters. But for that one, Kate Mulgrew didn’t return as Janeway. That came out back in 2014, so maybe since then, she’s been feeling more of the Star Trek spirit. After all, she’s also voicing the holographic version of Captain Janeway in the animated Star Trek: Prodigy. We longtime Trekkers are just happy to have her back in any capacity.

Star Trek Online: Shadow’s Advance is now available for PC players, and in March on consoles.

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