This Kaiju Armor Is the King of Monster Cosplay

Watch imagination come to life before your very eyes thanks to these extremely talented artists—and kaiju fans! Creator and sculptor Bat Zemo first shared his incredible Godzilla-inspired “GODzArmour” design in January, which on its own is stunning sculpting work.

Cosplayer Salvador Hernandez, also known as Suastegui, decided to turn that idea into a real life costume. The result is staggering.

Hernandez debuted the Godzilla armor cosplay at La Mole, a comic convention in Mexico City, just this month. And it was head turning. The plates of armor are unbelievably detailed and almost look organic, and the “heart” and spine of the costume light up with a luminescent blue glow that immediately brings to mind the formidable King of the Monsters himself.

The cosplayer not only contacted the original artist, reported Kotaku, but got his seal of approval after he shared the first photos from La Mole. “This is my pride That a man likes it And created GodzArmour Came up with diligence Until the very end, it’s very cool / Thank you sir,” tweeted Bat Zemo.

You have to see the cosplay in action to get an idea of not only how much craftsmanship and love Hernandez obviously poured into the project, but to check out his poses as he walks the runway in costume. He owns it.

¡Adelante Godzilla! Hernandez won first place in the 2020 First Class Cosplay Competition.

Be sure to take a look through his suast_cosplay account on Instagram for more snapshots with other cosplayers, poses, and even what the Godzilla-inspired armor looks like when it’s resting in pieces on the floor. (Spoiler: It’s still bad-ass.)

Featured Image: WB/Legendary

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