JUSTICE LEAGUE Concept Art Shows Off BATMAN’S Latest Vehicle, The Flying Fox

In his nearly 80 year long history, Batman has had a lot of fancy flying vehicles, and his live-action incarnations have always followed suit. Adam West had the Bat-copter in the ’60s, Michael Keaton had the Batwing in the Tim Burton movies, and Christian Bale had the Bat in the Christopher Nolan films. But our latest big screen Batman Ben Affleck is going to need a much bigger boat if he’s going to be carrying his five Justice League teammates into battle in this fall’s upcoming film.

Luckily, Batman has an enormous new plane in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film—the Flying Fox.The folks at Entertainment Weekly have given us a first glimpse of Bruce Wayne’s latest toy, which was designed by production designer (and former Face-Off judge) Patrick Tatopoulos. You can get a good look at Tatopoulos’ concept art—which gives fans a good look at its massive scale—in the tweet down below:

According to Tatopoulos, this latest Bat-plane is large enough to hold three different Batmobiles, and that’s just for starters. The esteemed production designer built a three-story interior set for the Fox, telling EW that, “the bottom part of the jet is a huge cargo bay, which the Batmobile sits in. The second floor is like a cultural center, with computer terminals. The third story is the cockpit. Whatever floor you are on, you can see [the other] two stories.”

Ok, with stats like that, I’m officially impressed. Still, why is it called the Flying Fox? Since when does Batman name any of his gadgets or vehicles after other animals? Especially non-nocturnal animals? He’s not Foxman, he’s Batman! (Ok, end of rant. I’m over it).

The Flying Fox is larger than any air vehicle that Batman has ever had in the pages of DC Comics, or even any of the animated series. Almost all of his Batplanes (later called Batwings) were pretty much just one or two person vehicles, but this takes things to a whole other level. Since the Justice League movie is all about the team-building, before they have a Hall of Justice or Watchtower, this plane is big enough to serve as a flying HQ for the team in the formative stages—without them always hanging out in the Batcave.

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What do you think of Batman’s latest “wonderful toy” as the Joker once put it? Is it badass, or is Bruce Wayne overcompensating for something with this sky tank?? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: Warner Brothers / DC Comics 

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