JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION Reveals First Wave of Toys

Cartoon Network recently premiered its long awaited new animated series Justice League Action to rave reviews from pretty much everyone. Although geared towards younger audiences than the classic Bruce Timm animated shows of the past, like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League, this latest version of the team is a bit of a cross between the original Teen Titans show and the sprawling epic   Justice League Unlimited, with a dash of the zany humor of Batman: Brave and the Bold. With the live-action movie versions of the Justice League characters on the far more adult side, it’s nice to know kids now have an option for adventures with the DC Comics heroes too.

Of course, with the advent of a new animated series comes an all new toy line from Mattel to go with it. Thanks to the folks at ComicBook.com ( via Superman Homepage), we have our first look at what the new Justice League Action toys are going to be. The first wave of action figures will feature 2-inch figures that have interchangeable pieces, which you can attach to the other figures in the line as well. Wave 1 features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, a Batman variant, The Flash, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, and The Joker.Alongside the first wave, they are also releasing special three-pack assortments, and each one will contain a buildable piece to complete a Darkseid figure. There will be three of these sets, and they will consist of Superman,  Lobo, and  Hawkman, for the first, Batman, Firestorm, and  Mr. Freeze, for the second, and Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Mongul for the third. Also coming from the line will be a Battle Wing Batman, which includes 15 sounds and phrases and pop-out wings, a Batman Transforming Batcycle that goes from Bat-cylce to a Batmech and includes a Mighty Mini Atom figure, and Batman and Flash masks.

You can check out images of the first wave of Justice League Action toys in our gallery below.

Are you excited for a whole new series of Justice League figures to collect? Let us know down below in the comments!

Image: DC Comics / Mattel Toys

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