TikTok Reveals McNugget’s Plastic Pieces Under Microscope

Despite the old idiom warning against it, I know how a lot of sausage gets made. That knowledge doesn’t stop me from eating bratwurst or kielbasa though, no matter who makes it or where. The same is true of most foods with questionable production standards. I’m fine eating almost anything. I’m someone who always says McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets would be part of my hypothetical last meal on Death Row. However, I might enjoy those tasty chicken-like bites slightly less going forward. Because while I’ve never been completely ignorant about what goes in them, I now know too much. No thanks to a TikTok user who puts various foods under a microscope for an up-close look at what’s really in the stuff we eat.

It’s a great page. It just won’t make you hungry.

IMZ pharmacy technician and UC Davis microbiology student Justice Dodson is really into food and drink. Not making, eating, or drinking them though. He uses his TikTok page (which we learned about at Laughing Squid) to look at dishes and liquids in a way few of us ever will. Probably because we don’t want to. His microscope magnifies those edible items hundreds of times over. Sometimes in troubling ways. Like how my beloved McNuggets can contain tiny plastic pieces.

And we’re going to be throwing out all our food in the fridge the next time we lose power.


4 hours or more discard to avoid fungi ravioli 👨🏻‍🍳 #fyp #foryou #yeast #microscope #poweroutage #science


Dodson takes requests from food curious followers. And not every inspection is bad. Sometimes they’re just cool to look at. Like this egg yolk.

Comparisons between food when it’s raw versus cooked are also a fun little science experiment. Especially when the uncooked version could mean us getting very sick or even dying.

As for what’s really in sausage, I prefer not to look after seeing a piece of hot dog under a microscope.

Is this page incredibly cool? Yes. And we’ve only shown you a (fittingly) microscopic selection of the videos he’s made. Do I want to forget these side-by-sides images forever?

A Chicken McNugget next to a microscope slide showing it highly magnifiedJustice Dodson

Also yes. Forget learning about how sausage is made. You don’t want to know what other stuff accidentally ends up in them too.

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