After five movies, I know I would not live through a disaster at Jurassic Park. I don’t know enough about dinosaurs to either elude or deceive them. Nor am I physically fit enough to flee a prehistoric monster on the hunt. If I got stuck on Isla Nublar, I would quickly become a meal. And yet, I’d still love to visit! Fortunately, I’ll soon be able to do that in the safest way possible. The new Jurassic World Aftermath for Oculus Quest will put gamers in the middle of a virtual reality fight for survival against killer dinos.

But the first trailer shows that even though the animals won’t be real, the scares still will be.

Oculus is going to let players virtually get up close and personal with some Velociraptors, with the new “suspenseful, survival VR adventure” game Jurassic World Aftermath. It’s going to let you experience the terror of fleeing for your life as those clever girls hunt you across the park.

The game will also offer up a whole new chapter in the franchise’s decades-long story. It takes place two years after the Jurassic World amusement park fell. And in classic Jurassic Park sequel fashion, clearly no has learned anything from previous trips to the island.

“The mission: recover valuable research materials from an abandoned research facility. Your only hope of escape is to get the confidential information before the Velociraptors get you.

To survive, you’ll need to explore the research facility, solve puzzles, and find ways to outsmart the ferocious Velociraptors that are stalking your every move — all in fully immersive VR.”

JURASSIC WORLD AFTERMATH Brings VR Dinos to Oculus Quest_1 Oculus

The game also promises “eye-popping visuals.” (Don’t worry, the virtual dinosaurs won’t actually pop out your eyes. We think.) It features “vibrant cell-shaded visuals” that “enhance the intensity and the thrills” of the VR experience.

Which should really help sell the horrible nightmare of a dinosaur chasing you. Which is why I can’t wait to play. I’ve always wanted to visit Jurassic Park. But I’d prefer to do so without actually being eaten.

Featured Image: Oculus

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