Hold on to your butts! Jurassic Park is coming to the tabletop in Unmatched from Mondo Games and Restoration Games. And this isn’t just another escape-from-the-island board game adaptation of the legendary action movie mainstay; you’ll take on the role of Robert Muldoon, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and, of course, dinosaurs as you go head to head in this dueling skirmish game.

Unmatched has already created earth-shattering matchups in games that are making their debut this summer at Gen Con, like Medusa vs. King Arthur and Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot. (That second one strangely makes sense as you could imagine them fighting over who gets to set up camp in Sherwood Forest.) The Jurassic Park battles will unfold with a pair of two-player sets and a solo-hero pack, starting with Unmatched: InGen vs. Raptors at the end of this year.


The subsequent sets will feature Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler facing off against their own dino-foes respectively, and should stampede into game stores in 2020.

Unmatched features both character decks, miniatures, and special game boards to set up the one-on-one battles of your dreams. “Each character deck has been engineered to represent the personality and characteristics of its on-screen counterpart, and no two heroes (or dinosaurs) battle the same way. Additionally, the unique maps featured on the game boards allow players to designate specific terrain to either replicate scenes from the film or direct their own,” announced Mondo Games.

The Jurassic Park edition Unmatched sets are replacing Mondo Games’ previously announced board game Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene, which is no longer in development. With gorgeous art that leaps off the character cards and intricately detailed hero and dinosaur miniatures, we’ll, uh, find a way to play Unmatched later this year.

Featured Image: Mondo Games

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