This $450 Slowpoke POKÉMON Plush Is 5 Feet Long

The Pokémon Center is at it again. Another life-size Pokémon plush can be yours to cuddle—and this time, life-size means truly gigantic. The latest Pokémon to get the jumbo plush treatment is Slowpoke. Slowpoke is known for his sprawl, but now he’ll be known for his tail length as well. From nose to tip, this Pokémon plush is 59 inches long… That’s just shy of five feet. He’ll definitely need a special place on your couch. And you know that Slowpokes are not fond of moving very much. So where he sits, he stays. Of course, no jumbo Pokémon plush ever did come cheap and Slowpoke costs nearly $100 per foot. Let’s take a look at this giant stuffed creature.

Pokemon giant slowpoke plush full body
The Pokémon Center

The official Pokémon Center description shares of this Slowpoke Pokémon plush, “We may never know what Slowpoke is thinking—or if it’s even thinking at all—but its willingness to happily laze the day away is worthy of admiration. With this jumbo Slowpoke plush by your side at home, school, or work, you’ll always have a reminder of the importance of taking it a little slow from time to time.”

pokemon giant slowpoke plush on the floor with person
The Pokémon Center

What a sweet sentiment. Slowpokes definitely know how to relax. And we bet in plush form, they’re even more zen creatures. Adding this Pokémon plush to your collection will make a nice change of pace from snuggling your Psyduck, who is absolutely more on the anxious end of things than Slowpoke.

Pokemon giant slowpoke plush close up
The Pokémon Center

But, of course, every -mon has its price. This Slowpoke plush costs $450. That’s quite the cost for a stuffed animal… But just look a those eyes. Who could resist this enormous cutie? (We guess our bank accounts, but we’ll just have to see who will prevail.) The Slowpoke jumbo Pokémon plush is available for pre-order now. He’ll arrive to take over your house in late November 2024.

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