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EN World EN5ider is celebrating its 100th article—and giving away a free Feywild adventure! The world’s longest-running D&D 5e-compatible magazine has just hit a major milestone, and the EN5ider team wants to give back to the RPG community by sharing Into the Feywild with everyone.

What Is EN World EN5ider?

EN5ider is a Patreon-supported weekly D&D publication by EN Publishing, a UK-based independent RPG company (we recently covered their N.E.W. sci-fi RPG). It strives to replace the Dragon and Dungeon magazines of old, where D&D players could find new character classes, spells, magic items, monsters, adventures—and so on—to use in their home game. Since D&D’s publishing schedule is so minimal (something this author considers to be a good thing!) it falls to 3rd parties like EN Publishing, Kobold Press, and Green Ronin Publishing to fill in the gaps. EN5ider patrons pay-what-they-want for new weekly articles and also gain access to the full EN5ider archives, now filled with 100 articles of content! It’s less like a magazine subscription and more like a donation; it says “I love what you’re doing, please keep doing it!”

EN5ider is a supporter of diversity in games; its mission is to make gaming accessible to all, to allow people to pay what they can afford for games, and to pay game developers a better wage. Publishing authors of a broader range of backgrounds—social, economic, gender, racial, and orientation—gives gaming more stories, more creators, and more content. It’s a win-win. EN5ider’s submissions are always open.

That Sounds Cool, but where’s the Free Stuff™?

Yes! In addition to the Into the Feywild adventure that was released for the 100th article celebration, you can find three free articles for players and Game Masters alike on EN5ider’s front page. The Occultist class allows players to toy with dark power as vampires, werewolves, and abominations—or strike back against the darkness with Treasures Dark and Terrible. In addition to creating adventure with Into the Feywild, Game Masters can also use Four Random Roleplaying Encounters to inject some life into their social scenes.

Tell Me About Into the Feywild

“Imagine a house surrounded by a dark, thick forest. The house is cozy, familiar, and is filled with all the creature comforts of home. This is your space. It’s been there all of your life. The house is older than you, but not so old as to be dusty or antique.

“The thick forest outside of the house is older. Much, much older than the house. The forest existed long before the house was ever built, you think. The house is tall, but the trees of the forest are so much taller. […] The forest holds the promise of newness and discovery, but it is also strange and alien and other.”

Into the Feywild flings the player characters into another realm and places them at the mercy of a petulant, childish Archfey. They must find a way home by making peace with this Archfey, exploring the labyrinthine Hedgegrove, and encountering unlikely friends within the Feywild. The adventure is very open-ended, and doesn’t hold the GM’s hand, instead offering open maps, random tables, and potential encounters without prescribing a set course for the players. Railroading? Not in this adventure.

Into the Feywild is weird and fantastical—something more akin to Burroughs or Howard than Tolkien. If your players are looking for epic heroics, this adventure might not be for them… but if they’re up for bizarre, Morrowind-esque oddities, they’ve come to the right place. The adventure was written by Kiel Chenier, who you can find giving great D&D advice and making a game called Snow Witch, Shield Maiden at Be sure to follow him if you like Into the Feywild!

Some other EN5ider favorites exclusive to patrons are:

Over the Next Hill, an ongoing series of articles that describe a village filled with NPCs and plot seeds for underprepared GMs to place in their campaign world.

The Morph, a new player class all about shapeshifting into powerful new forms.

From Stranger Woods, a selection of fairies from Eastern European folklore translated into 5e stats.

The Holdenshire Chronicles, a massive, old-school adventure in which players go on a heroic quest to slay the red dragon, Cirothe.

Sinister Spellbooks, a collection of arcane tomes with incredible power. But with incredible power comes enemies—the player who loots this book may soon find themselves hunted by evil forces.

What did you think of Into the Feywild and EN5ider’s other free articles? Let us know in the comments or tweet to @GeekandSundry!

Disclosure: James J. Haeck is a regular writer for Geek & Sundry and the editor of EN World EN5ider.

Image and Featured Image Credit: EN Publishing

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