Josh Gad Shares One Last Video of Him Bugging Daisy Ridley for STAR WARS Spoilers

Of all the media properties with particularly passionate fan bases, the one that stands out is  Star Wars. Sometimes it seems as though Star Wars fans would rather know about key plot details ahead of time than actually see the movies and enjoy them when they come out. Still, we’re not blaming them: They just love the stories and get very excited about them.

Clearly,  Josh Gad is one of these excited fans. So when he found himself working with Daisy Ridley on a film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, he began pestering her to no end, trying to squeeze details about upcoming Star Wars movies out of her. He shared a bunch of videos of his interrogation sessions over the past few months. Today, in honor of May the 4th, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, Gad took to Twitter to show us an outtake from the series.

There’s actually not a ton of Star Wars-related stuff going on in this minute-long video, though, focusing instead on the part of Gad’s plan where he lulls Ridley into a false sense of security by talking about their work on Murder on the Orient Express. They try to run through some “new dialogue” from the movie, but neither of them can keep the gag up long enough for this take to be usable.

Revisit Gad’s original exploits here, and let us know what Star Wars questions you’d ask Ridley if given the opportunity to annoy her on set all day every day.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm

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