Josh Gad Keeps Asking Daisy Ridley for THE LAST JEDI Details, Recruits Judi Dench

Imagine you’re Daisy Ridley. You’re working on a film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. Your hair is freed from the triple bun mohawk you wore as Rey. You’re trying to enjoy your time off camera, relaxing. But no. Your co-star Josh Gad continues to harangue you about spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Since the title of Episode VIII was announced on January 23, Gad has been pestering Ridley for answers. The first time he invited Ridley to his trailer under false pretenses:

“I can’t ask you about Frozen 2.” She makes a solid point. Also, Ridley’s annoyed expressions are my favorite.

Then, Gad apologized for bugging her and followed up his “I’m sorry” by asking who Rey’s parents are.

Gad hasn’t had any luck getting Ridley to spill the beans, so on February 8, he pulled in some heavy-hitting help from Dame Judi Dench. I can’t make this up. Watch:

Dench says Reylo, guys. Reylo. She asks about the popular ship and whether Snoke is Palpatine with such authority. If she played an Imperial or member of the First Order, I don’t think anyone would dare to question her character’s orders. Heck, maybe Ridley is even going to crumble and tell her everything… or probably not. I hope to see this series of interrogations continue, and I look forward to seeing who Gad pulls in for additional assistance.

Since we’re not getting anything from Ridley, you can read my helpful guide to everything we know about The Last Jedi so far.

Image: Lucasfilm

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