Joseph Quinn Shares STRANGER THINGS Eddie Immigration Save and Accents with Fallon

I’ve said it once (okay, maybe like, hundred times), but Stranger Things 4‘s breakout character is definitely Eddie Munson. The fact of the matter is that people love Eddie. They love Eddie’s relationship with Dustin. They love Eddie’s relationship with Steve. Fans especially love Eddie’s incredible Upside Down concert where he slayed Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” ( They do not love Eddie’s Stranger Things 4 death.) The point is, the people love Eddie Munson. And alongside Eddie, Stranger Things have a tremendous amount of affection for his actor Joseph Quinn. After all, we wouldn’t have the character without the actor. Recently, Joseph Quinn made his late-night show debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Yes, this was Joseph Quinn’s first late-night appearance. And he did not disappoint.

On the show, Quinn discussed how Eddie helped him through immigration confusion, offered up his favorite parts of working on Stranger Things, and did Eddie Munson’s opening monologue in several funny accents.

It turns out, Joseph Quinn almost didn’t make it to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He got stopped at immigration and taken to a room that was “more of a dungeon.” When asked where he was heading, Quinn told the truth, he was heading to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Needless to say, his immigration officer wasn’t very impressed. It probably doesn’t help that Quinn doesn’t look very much like his Stranger Things counterpart without Eddie Munson’s hair. Luckily, a different guard seemed to have a keener eye. “Leave Eddie alone,” is what Joseph Quinn remembers hearing. And honestly. That is a relatable sentiment. I feel like I yell it at the screen every time I rewatch Stranger Things 4.

Joseph Quinn or Eddie Munson from Stranger Things came onto Fallon and gave him a hellfire club shirt
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Luckily, Joseph Quinn made it to his first late-night show appearance. But not before the immigration officer insisted that Eddie had to come back to life in Stranger Things 5. Again, a relatable sentiment. And we’re glad he made it to The Tonight Show to see Fallon. In addition to this anecdote, Joseph Quinn brought us some lovely stories about working on Stranger Things. He had nothing but praise for Gaten Matarazzo and noted that he was worried about stepping into a mentor relationship with Dustin, given that fans love Dustin and Steve’s (Joe Keery) friendship so much. Quinn described himself to Fallon as Dustin’s “Side-Joe.”

Stranger Things 4's main characters gather around a table for Eddie Munson death piece

But it all turned out for the best because he and Joe Keery would delightedly compare notes on Gaten. Judging by what Quinn told Fallon, it sounds like they had an absolute blast. And fans embraced the relationship between all of them. This again, is why Joseph Quinn and Eddie Munson had better come back to Stranger Things.

To conclude his time with Fallon, Joseph Quinn did Eddie’s opening monologue from the show in different accents. Which was absolutely hilarious… And totally accurate. Congratulations, Joseph Quinn, on your first late-night talk show success!

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