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Lady Gaga in Talks to Join JOKER Musical Sequel

Todd Phillips’ Joker turned into the surprise DC hit that no one expected. It made over a billion dollars, and won Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar. But many wondered if this film, which was a dark character study, would translate into an automatic sequel. Well, Hollywood is still a show business. You don’t make that much money without a part two in the works. And via Variety, we’ve learned that Phillips has shown Phoenix reading the script for the sequel. And it shows its title on the cover: Joker: Folie à Deux. Which translates to “Joker: Shared Madness.”

You can see the original post from Phillips below:

From the look of things, Phillips is reuniting with his original Joker co-writer Scott Silver for this continuation. The title suggests that the end of the first film, which shows Joker gaining a cult of followers who practically worship him, is going to be the subject of the second film. It is still a mystery as to how much of the iconography of the comics will play into this sequel.

But, there’s a bit of new information that really makes things weird and intriguing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga is in very early talks of joining the Joker sequel. Sources report that Gaga will likely play Harley Quinn (a different universe’s version, of course) and that this film will be a musical. Wait, what?! That’s quite the departure from the dark first film but honestly we are here for it. Let’s see if this pans out to be true.

split photo of lady gaga and harley quinn comic
DC Comics/Lady Gaga

The first film only lightly touched upon some story elements from Batman: The Killing Joke. It was way, way more influenced by the movies of Martin Scorsese. Particularly, The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver. So maybe don’t expect Harley Quinn to suddenly show up. But maybe we’ll see the development of other Batman villains in this film, who become inspired by Arthur Fleck to give in to the darkest impulses. Bruce Wayne is still a kid in this timeline, so unless there is a massive time-jump, don’t expect any Dark Knight action.

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in Todd Phillips' 2019 film.
Warner Bros.

There is no word yet on when Warner Bros. is planning to shoot the Joker sequel, much less when it’s being released to theaters. But we wouldn’t expect it before 2024 at the earliest.

Originally published on June 7, 2022.

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