John Cleese and Eric Idle Have a Musical Message About Selfies

Selfies are a weird aspect of modern society. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good selfie. However, it’s kind of a head-scratcher of a habit that we’ve all formed, snapping and posting pics of ourselves on particularly good hair days. Of course, they aren’t just for boosting self-esteem anymore. Selfies have also sort of replaced autographs when fans have a celeb encounter in the wild. As millennials, we all get that “pics or it didn’t happen” mindset, and no one bats an eye when a friend feels compelled to ask someone for a quick selfie. But for Monty Python alums and comedic legends John Cleese and Eric Idle, born outside the millennial generation, it’s a societal development that just doesn’t make sense.

The two were on Conan last night, and took the opportunity to share their mutual displeasure and general confusion over modern society’s love of the selfie in the only way they knew how: an Idle-penned, cheerful-sounding ditty called “F*** Selfies.” If the title didn’t tip you off, you’ll probably want to listen to this one with headphones, because the song’s lyrics are not exactly safe for work.Cleese gave a too-real portrayal of how goofy we all must look snapping selfies (with a selfie stick, obviously) while Idle sang. And while we’ve all kind of accepted that sometimes the perfect selfie makes you look silly to the outside world, you’ve got to admit Idle definitely has a point in his song. The crux of Idle’s complaint isn’t so much about the selfies themselves, but more about how much a time a “quick selfie” with your favorite celeb often takes. From how long it takes fans to get their cameras ready for a selfie, to how a easily two-person selfie often becomes an obnoxious, giant group photo, you can’t help but see why Idle and Cleese hate selfies so much.

So while selfies may be a waste of everybody’s time as Idle says, they’re probably too much fun for us to quit anytime soon. Plus, nothing beats having a picture of yourself with your favorite actors or mucisians in your Insta feed, right? Just be sure that the next time you ask a celeb for a quick selfie, your camera is ready to go right then, okay?

What do you think of Idle’s song? Are you guilty of a time-wasting celeb selfie? Tell us about it in the comments!

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