Watch the Creepy Video for John Carpenter’s Latest Track

John Carpenter is one of the greatest horror directors of all time, creating iconic films like Halloween and The Thing. He also happens to be one of the greatest synth music film composers ever as well. Unlike most directors, he actually pulled double duty on his films, and composed the scores for the majority of them. He essentially retired from directing several years ago, this began a renaissance period for Carpenter as a composer.

A few years back, he began to create soundtracks for movies that lived only his imagination. Released as a pair of albums titled Lost Themes, they were made with his son, Cody Carpenter, and his longtime collaborator and godson, Daniel Davies. Now, Carpenter has released a music video for “Alive After Death,” the title track from the long awaited Lost Themes III: Alive After Death. You can have a listen to the wonderfully eerie retro-flavored track above.

The Video for John Carpenter's

Sacred Bones 

This final release follows three other tracks that Carpenter dropped early. The first was “ Skeleton,” which feels like it could be an unused track straight from Carpenter’s ’80s classic Christine. “ Unclean Spirit” released second, and it sounds inspired by none other than The Exorcist. (Hey, if John Carpenter ever wanted to create an alternate score for The Exorcist, we are seriously here for that!)  The third release was “ The Dead Walk,” which we’re going to assume was a piece of music for the great zombie apocalypse film that Carpenter never got to make.

Although he didn’t direct the 2018 Halloween reboot, he did return to craft the score alongside his son Cody. The pair are returning for the upcoming Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends films, releasing this fall and in 2022. Lost Themes III: Alive After Death is out February 5, via Sacred Bones. You can pre-order the new album now by clicking here.

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