JESSICA JONES Final Season Trailer Has Arrived

It’s the end of an era. The final bow for the last of the Marvel Netflix series will soon be here, as the full trailer for the third and final season of Jessica Jones has arrived. After battling the psychotic Kilgrave in season one, and discovering the truth about her origins in season two, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) will now face a new adversary straight from the pages of Marvel Comics. This time the salty and super-powered PI will be going up against Gregory Salinger, better known to comics fans as the Foolkiller. You can check out the trailer down below:

In addition to Foolkiller, it seems we will finally get Jessica’s former best friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) making her debut as a hero herself. The new trailer shows her suiting up and going out to kick bad guy butt on the streets of New York. She’s not wearing her traditional yellow and blue Hellcat costume from the comics, but that suit might be a little too comic booky for a show that tends to downplay those aspects. Foolkiller looks like he won’t be wearing his costume from the comics either, but we doubt that many fans of the show will be too upset about it.

The final season of Jessica Jones also sees the return of Carrie-Anne Moss as Jessica’s sometime ally and lawyer Jeri Hogarth, Eka Darvill as her neighbor and sometime employee Malcolm Ducasse, and Rebecca DeMornay as Dorothy Walker, Trish’s former controlling stage mom. The show was cancelled when they were still in production on the season, so hopefully that gave the writers enough time to wrap up the various plot lines before all was said and done. Jessica Jones stands as one of the greatest things in TV or film that Marvel has ever produced, so it deserves to go out on a high note.

The final season of Jessica Jones hits on June 14.

Images: Netflix / Marvel Television

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