Jesse “The Body” Ventura Replaces Captain America in Hilarious Crossover

Who is a greater American? A kid from Brooklyn who volunteered for a dangerous experiment so he could fight in WWII, sacrificed himself to save millions, and dedicated his life to protecting the world from danger? Or a former professional wrestler who became a governor after fighting the Predator? TOUGH CALL. Rather than choose, why not combine them to form our nation’s greatest hero, like we did when we recast Captain America with Jesse “The Body” Ventura.In this clip from our latest episode of Talkin’ Toons, the great Roger Craig Smith, who voices Captain America and Batman, joined host Rob Paulsen to help recreate a memorable showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark from the first Avengers movie. Rob replaced Iron Man with his Animaniacs character Yakko, and Roger took on Captain America. Only instead of reading it as his Cap, he did it with his spot-on, totally hysterical impression of the very loud, very intense former governor of Minnesota.[brightcove video_id=”5847656596001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=“rJs2ZD8xâ€]From now on, we’re just going to imagine that anytime the Avengers are called to action, Jesse Ventura will show up to offer his help only to be told it’s “never gonna happen.”If you want to see the rest of Rob’s interview with Roger Craig Smith, the only place to watch full episodes of Talkin’ Toons is at our online Alpha community, where we have lots of other great shows for you to check out. And when you sign up for the first time, your first 30 days are free. Does that offer make us American heroes like “The Body” and Steve Rogers? Yes, yes it does.What other famous Captain America scene would be hilarious to hear Jesse Ventura read? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox/Marvel

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