Jeremy Renner Launched a Hawkeye-ish Collab with Amazon

With Avengers: Endgame having come and gone, most of the “Original 6” have completed their contracts. They’re on their way out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making way for a new era of characters. Some people move on, but not Jeremy Renner — the Hawkeye actor will star in the upcoming Disney+ series of the same name in 2021. He’s also managed to keep himself busy since completing work on what was arguably the biggest movie of the year, writing and producing his own music and starring in Jeep commercials as the face of the brand’s new summer campaign. Now, the actor known for his versatile interests outside of movie-making has revealed his newest project: an outdoorsman collaboration with Amazon.

Image: John Russo

Launching today, “the 90-piece curated collection features an assortment of sporting, camping, and outdoor equipment, including everyday necessities, like Neosporin and Levi’s jeans, and fun splurges, like an archery target and a compound bow set”. That last product is good news for everyone who wants to be Hawkeye but feels like they’re too good for the toy bow and arrows. You can now have your own archery set, handpicked by Earth’s Mightiest Hero himself! And if you’re not a hardcore outdoor person but are just looking for things like flannels, binoculars, or even a good cooler for your drinks? “The Jeremy Renner Store”, as it is branded on Amazon, has all that and more.

“The only law in nature is Mother Nature herself so you want to be prepared,” the actor told PEOPLE. “But there are also things that are just fun to have when you’re outside…things that you want.”

Anyone who follows Renner knows that he’s no stranger to the outdoorsman lifestyle, owning a home in Lake Tahoe where he spends most of his time cutting down trees and plowing insane piles of snow. So we’d say that this kind of collection is not only right up his alley, it’s probably something he’s got authority on.

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New songs, Jeep commercials, an Amazon collaboration…the only question is, what random venture will Jeremy Renner pursue next that will have the Internet talking? Like Doctor Strange once cautioned us, possibilities may be endless.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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