Funko Announces an Insane Amount of New Collectibles For New York Toy Fair

Name your favorite band or musician. Also, what’s your most beloved movie? How about your favorite TV show, both animated and live-action? No matter who or what you said, there’s an amazing chance all of them will soon be available from Funko, because the collectible company has announced a staggering and wide-ranging number of new lines ahead of this year’s American International Toy Fair in New York City. No, seriously, the number of new toys is beyond belief.

Ahead of this weekend’s Toy Fair, Funko has been letting fans know on Twitter and their official blog the insane number of new products they will be debuting at the expo. It would have been overwhelming if they just announced musical acts, which includes classic rockers all the way up to artists dominating the charts today.

They’ll also have lots of new lines for their Animation Pops, and they also should have something for everyone.

Hmm, feels like a certain cartoon is missi….nope, there it is. The Simpsons are coming to NY too, and there are lots of other animated friends traveling with them.

TV fans won’t be left out other, and just like the other new lines the new television figures cover lots of favorites, both old and new.

Some of the all-time greatest game shows are also going to take a spin at the Fair.

Except for the Xenomorphs, there’s nothing scary about how much we love the new additions to Funko’s movie line.

Jaws? JAWS!!

So. Many. Ghostbusters. All the Ghostbusters in fact.

Holy crap. Seriously, holy crap. And what’s even crazier is they might not be done yet. Keep an eye out at the Funko blog and official Twitter page to see if they add anymore, though we can hardly name any pop culture properties that aren’t already Funko collectibles at this point.

Featured Image: Funko

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