World Record Jenga Tower Balances on a Single Block

Jenga is hard enough when you play it normally. The classic game is also plenty nerve-wracking after just a few rounds when you’re gently trying to remove one piece to place it on top of a shaky building. But one man has found a way to dramatically increase both the challenge and the tension of playing with those blocks. He constructs towers that rest entirely on one vertical Jenga piece. And he’s not just good at it, he’s literally the best. He just proved so again by breaking his own Guinness World Record.

But he’s also in the running for best dad. Because you have to be one of the world’s best fathers to let your son destroy your amazing structure for fun.

On May 13, at his home in Pima County, Arizona, Tai Star Valianti officially bested his own world record (which we first learned about at Laughing Squid). He holds the title for “Most Jenga Blocks Stacked On One Vertical Jenga Block.”

He carefully placed every single piece he owns, all 485 blocks (at 54 blocks per standard Jenga game that works out to just under nine total sets), into one incredible inverted structure. It resembled an upside-down pyramid crossed with a thick skyscraper. The longer you stare at it the more it seems like it can’t be real.


Man Breaks Own Jenga Tower Built on One Piece World Record_1Guinness World Records/Tai Star Valianti

Watching the video of his building process gives us anxiety—despite knowing he pulled it off. But it was structurally sound, standing for nine minutes. And it would have stayed up even longer. But Valianti let his young son bring the whole thing crashing down.

Does this mean that young man now holds the Guinness World Record for most satisfying destruction of a Jenga tower? How could he not? At the very least he has a world-class dad.

Featured Image: Guinness World Records