Turn Spelling Slip-Ups Into Snacks With Edible Notepads

If you’re hungry, drawing a picture of a hamburger will not make you feel full. If that worked my walls would be covered in crudely sketched buckets of fried chicken and I’d be four pants sizes thinner. But thanks to a Japanese stationary company’s ingenious invention you can turn any rendering into a meal. This is possible because of edible paper that is totally safe to eat even after you’ve written on it.

A black pen next to some paper and a yellow cardboard boxEins Eco

Eins Eco’s Kamihime notepads (which we first heard about at Spoon & Tamago) can record your thoughts and fill your belly. The paper and pen ink are totally safe to eat. Eins Eco says the inspiration behind Kamihime was a tweet that read, “I want to do something about the belly sound that echoes in a quiet space.” We would have went with a Snickers, but this works too.

The wafer paper consists of a simple mixture of potato starch powder, olive oil, and water. The accompanying black pen uses an edible ink made from water, glycerin, ethanol, citric acid, and coloring. That way you can actually use the paper to jot down thoughts before eating the ones you don’t want to keep.

Any mistake simply becomes a mini-meal. (Or you can create a feast by using those edible Japanese crayons we told you about previously.) But while the paper itself is not flavored, the food illustration inside the box has a scent. You can smell it by rubbing the drawing with your finger. It comes in one of four aromas: orange, strawberry, curry, and vanilla.

Four colorful cardboard boxes, set up 2x2 in a square patternEins Eco

Each set includes 20 sheets and a black pen with the ingestible ink. The notepad itself measures roughly 3.5-inches by 2.8-inches in size. You can grab one for 2000 yen, which is roughly $18 and change in US currency. That might be steep for a small notepad with only 20 pages. But its sorta like buying 20 snacks for much cheaper.

And don’t even bother trying to eat a picture of a BLT drawn on a normal piece of paper. Believe me, it’s not satisfying.

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