James Wan Says ANNABELLE 3 Will Be “Night At The Museum With Annebelle”

James Wan is a powerhouse director, whether it’s creating huge horror franchises like Saw or The Conjuring, or directing the  DCEU‘s next installment with Aquaman.

He is one of Hollywood’s most original and prolific directors! It’s only the first official day of San Diego Comic-Con and he’s already been very busy. At last nights Scare Diego event, alongside new footage of a whole bunch of New Line films and cast interviews, Wan and his regular collaborator Gary Dauberman announced a brand new entry to the popular and terrifying haunted doll franchise Annabelle.

The third installment will be written and directed by Dauberman, and will focus on the Warren’s reclaiming Annabelle and taking her to their artifact room in the hopes that they can contain her evil. Shockingly, the plan will go horribly wrong as the evil doll actually brings all of the other evil artifacts to life. Wan got a big laugh when he described the film as “Night at the Museum with Annabelle” and we honestly can’t think of a better or more unexpected pitch for a new entry into the series.

New Line Cinema is clearly leaning in to the massive success of its horror outings. With James Wan’s Conjuring series regularly referred to as a universe, and with Annabelle 3 on the slate and the upcoming spin-off film The Nun, Wan’s spooky empire shows no signs of stopping.

Do you love creepy dolls? Just wish you had an Annabelle all of your own? Love James Wan and his unbelievable career? Let us know below!

Images: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

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