James Van Der Beek Will Play Diplo in TV Comedy Show, WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO?

Credit where its due: Adult Swim and Vice are doing some of the strangest and best stuff on TV. But where those two network differ is scripted programming: Adult Swim has tons of it, and Viceland doesn’t have a single scripted show, but that’s going to change soon thanks to an upcoming offering that sounds as bizarre as it does fascinating.

The show is What Would Diplo Do?, and it’s been described as “Louie meets WorldStar HipHop crossed with This Is Spinal Tap.” It stars Van Der Beek as a fictionalized version of Diplo, the DJ and record producer, who is dynamic on stage but isn’t as comfortable on a more interpersonal level. Spike Jonze is also involved in the series, and said of it, “When James was in the office a few weeks ago, he told me the story lines he had sketched out, they were, of course, funny; one even got me emotional which made it that much more funny.”If this whole thing seems totally out of left field, that’s because it is, but not as much as you probably think: The show originated with a sketch, in which Van Der Beek plays the DJ, that was released by Diplo this past summer to announce a concert tour, so for a taste of What Would Diplo Do?, check out the original video below.

The series is slated to premiere later in 2017.

Featured image: Diplo

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