We Still Don’t Know Over Half of the DCU’s Chapter 1 Projects

Recently, James Gunn and Peter Safran caused quite an uproar when they announced a slew of projects that would make up the new, unified DC Universe. Chapter 1 of the DCU, which Gunn and Safran refer to as “Gods and Monsters,” is actually just getting started, though. So don’t put those speculation hats away yet. Even though Gunn and Safran announced 10 projects in their first DCU reveal, that’s apparently less than half of what we can expect from Chapter 1.

Less than half! So if your favorite DC projects weren’t mentioned, chances look pretty good for them still appearing. And, as we saw in the first (less than) half of the movies and TV shows announced for DCU’s Chapter 1, Gunn and Safran love to throw in a deep, deep cut with the rest of the more expected fare. That’s a pretty long chapter, though, if we’re comparing it to a Marvel phase; almost twice the size. The MCU phases usually have around 11-13 projects.

Creature Commandos, Supergirl and Batman are part of DCU Chapter 1 projects
DC Comics

Of course, the timing of the announcements is one thing, but the timing of the projects themselves is something else altogether. Even if we do get more DCU Chapter 1 titles soon, they probably won’t release for a while yet. Still, who doesn’t love to get excited about the future?

We can’t wait to see what the new and sprawling DC Universe has in store for us.

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