Only Blofeld Could Afford This JAMES BOND Aston Martin for Kids

James Bond isn’t exactly what we’d call a franchise for kids. You know, between the shooting, womanizing, and traumatic events. So, it stands to reason it wouldn’t have a traditional line of children’s toys either. And that’s where the DB5 Junior’s 007 edition comes in. This James Bond toy car may technically exist with kids in mind, but that doesn’t stop it from being one sleek machine… with a price tag to go with it.

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The Little Car Company, alongside Aston Martin, has created this unique piece. The special Aston Martin replica celebrates the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, which releases on October 8.

The company shares:

Created at 66% scale of the original, with a fully electric powertrain, the DB5 has been reimagined for Bond fans worldwide. As an official Aston Martin model, the No Time To Die edition will pay homage to the rich history of the brand with Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, and individually numbered chassis plates. Complete with Aston Martin and 007 badging, this car is unmistakably Bond.

The DB5 Junior is designed to offer seating for an adult and child side by side, to allow all generations of Bond fans to share the love of driving.

James Bond toy car - Aston Marting DB5 Junior - a silver, model car

The Little Car Company

Admit it, who did you really buy this for?

But the fun doesn’t end there. The James Bond toy car, which we first saw on DesignTAXI, also comes equipped with various gadgets. That’s only fitting, of course. The first of these are Gatling guns that pop out from under the headlights. They mimic the noise of the guns and create flashes. But thankfully, no ammunition comes with the car. We are relieved. The Aston Martin model also has LCD license plates that their driver can customize. Always keeping the baddies on their toes. Additionally, and we’d expect no less from a James Bond car, even one for kids, the vehicle can produce a smokescreen. Set it off for a quick getaway when chore-time comes around.

James Bond toy car - Aston Marting DB5 Junior - a silver, model car with guns coming out from under the headlights

The Little Car Company

The DB5 Junior also offers a ‘Skid Mode,’ which promises a wild ride. Finally, to operate all these gadgets and any others Q snuck in, don’t miss the hidden gadget panel.

There is no denying this car is a work of art. It exists as a piece of sleek, polished perfection. No doubt, 007 would approve. But with a price tag of £90,000 (around $120,000), we’d expect nothing less from it. Maybe we can get a Bond villain to foot the bill.

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