An SUV Made Entirely of Ice?! Pretty Cool.

Climate change (and the ever-looming specter of the planet’s total annihilation) has made it harder to justify owning some oversized gas-guzzler, but we have come across one very cool SUV we would still love to drive around town. We would just need to make sure that town is a very, very cold place that never gets above freezing, because this jalopy has a body made entirely out of ice.The YouTube Channel Wonder World posted this video (which we came across at Geekologie) of a Mercedes G-Wagon replica that features an exterior made of ice. A team out of Garage 54 in Novosibirsk, Russia “took a chassis from an old ex-Soviet-era UAZ-469 military jeep, then welded a steel box frame to the base of the car in the shape of a G-Wagon.” Six tonnes of sculpted ice blocks later and they had a body that looks gorgeous as it changes colors.

The entire car isn’t made out of ice, obviously. The engine, wheels, seats, and steering wheel are real. (This isn’t Westeros, there’s no physics-defying magical ice available.) But thanks to some “melt-proof materials to prevent the whole car from falling apart,” the car really can be driven. It’s not street legal, though, since it lacks lights and mirrors. Also its massive weight isn’t exactly conducive to getting around safely.So no, this probably isn’t the solution to reducing your carbon footprint. And it’s not exactly an option for anywhere but the North Pole. But we’d still look pretty chill sitting in it.

Featured Image: Wonder World

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