Jake Gyllenhaal Is in a Relationship with His Sourdough Starter

We all know that Jake Gyllenhaal is a blessing. But on a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he gave us even more reason to love him. It turns out that, like many of us, Gyllenhaal has turned to baking to alleviate the stress of the COVID-19 crisis. Though, we have to say it seems like Jake might be a little more passionate than most amateur bakers.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home actor shared his love of sourdough whilst chatting to the late night host. Gyllenhaal equates his ever-growing love for the popular pastime to his hair length and “sliding into the hipster world.” We can’t get enough of  Gyllenhaal forcing Colbert to whisper due to his dough resting. There’s plenty more to enjoy though as the actor revealed just how much he adores his new hobby. He even told his sourdough origin story. “I have nothing to do. So, I have a good friend who’s a baker in San Francisco. He has this amazing bakery called The Mill. And we were talking and I hate this, but I asked him ‘Can you teach me how to do a sourdough starter?'” Celebrities… they truly are just like the rest of us!

Shockingly, Colbert revealed that he too was attempting to create a sourdough starter. It’s all very COVID-19. Two famous people video chatting about their baking habits. Gyllenhaal encouraged Colbert—like the charming sweetheart that he is—before showing off his own delectable dough. It was delightfully pure.

Jake Gyllenhaal holding his sourdough starter


Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be a small warm ball of dough being gently cradled by Jake Gyllenhaal. Hilariously, the pair was unsure whether people would be interested in their bread-based convo. As this article proves, they were wrong to worry. We all need some joy in our lives at the moment and this was a wonderful segment, which also includes some Sondheim birthday magic, that supplied it in droves.

Featured Image: CBS

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