It’d Be *TOTALLY* Sweet If These Pokémon Go Spin-offs Existed

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Pokémon Go is a tour de force of mobile gaming, encouraging people to get up and run around outside capturing Pocket Monsters. It’s amassed tons of players (and even detractors) based on its popularity. And even though it seems like the game might be reaching its peak, it’s still massively popular.

In fact, it’s so popular that there are several spin-offs popping up here and there. It’s hard to believe these haven’t been done before now!

This is a particularly interesting one. It’s a smaller, portable version of Pokémon Go that you control a kid running around playing Pokémon Go! Created for the Dreamcast’s VMU, it’s a cute little pixelated version with a randomly-generated map and a smaller mini-game that’s used to capture Pokémon instead of the touch-based swiping of the regular game.

You can only play it if you have a VMU, but what a great idea! It’s just insane someone hasn’t come up with a handheld, portable version of the game yet, perhaps one that expands on the battling mechanics seen in Pokémon Go. There could even be different versions with specific Pokémon in each. It’s a million dollar idea, and you heard it here first.

You know what would be even better? A card game based on Pokémon Go! Special collectible cards that you can either hoard or trade with other players and specially-designed booster packs? This seems like it should have been done forever ago, and yet we’re just now hearing about it from a Kickstarter campaign. There’s even a video explaining what the game could contain. You could simulate battles with the cards, and it would be absolutely amazing.

Gee! You’d think someone would have already come up with these ideas so far, wouldn’t you?

What other Pokémon Go spin-offs do you think should have been made by now? *eyeroll*

Featured image credit: The Pokémon Company

Image credits: guacasaurus_mex, Lucio Alessandri

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