Let Pennywise Chase You Through This IT Escape Room in Las Vegas

Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear will abound in this adventure full of horrors. Pennywise is bringing his chilling face and deadly desires to Escape IT, a Las Vegas escape room that will make visitors feel like they are the very scary small town of Derry, Maine. The attraction by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and Egan Escape Productions boasts multiple rooms with over 30,000 feet of ominous space full of puzzles, twists, and turns to amp up the terror. (Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing this to our attention!)

Escape IT encompasses more than 20 interactive rooms with live actors, animatronics, mood lighting, and state-of-the-art special FX. The brave souls who dare to give this Pennywise escape room a try will be on a mission to search for all the poor missing kids in Derry. The escape rooms will honor It and It: Chapter Two with scenes from the movie, like the sewer tunnels and a clown funeral room. Oh, and Pennywise will be chasing them every step of the way. So much for thinking clearly. Can you escape the clutches of this clown? Where are those children hiding? There are many questions that need answers… if you dare to seek them.

Pennywise the clown, an IT escape room is coming to Las Vegas
Warner Bros.

There will be some fun games in the mix, along with a merch shop, too. Maybe you’ll want a mug with Pennywise’s mug on it from the IT escape room. Or maybe not. We wouldn’t blame you for running straight out of the door after seeing this clown do a horrifying jig in person.

As far as pricing goes, it will start at $54.99 on Thursdays and Fridays and $59.99 on Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, there are VIP IT escape room experiences that cost more for Pennywise fanatics. So, book your reservation and be prepared to face off against a malevolent dancing clown.

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