IT: CHAPTER 2 Casts More of Adult Losers’ Club

Last year’s first  It movie chronicled the adventures of The Losers’ Club of Derry, Maine, as they discovered  Pennywise was the cause of children going missing, and learned more about how Stephen King‘s dancing clown was much more than his name suggests. The upcoming sequel, It: Chapter 2, will catch up with the grown-up kids years later as they return to town. While the movie’s release is still over a year away, we’re getting a better idea of who will be cast as the adult members of The Losers’ Club.

Entertainment Weekly notes Allegiant and Power actor Andy Bean has been cast as Stan Uris, who was lured away into the sewers by Pennywise. Another recent announcement has come courtesy of James Ransone. Via Cinema Blend, The Sinister and The Wire actor took to Twitter to reveal he’ll be playing Eddie Kaspbrak, the hypochondriac with the broken arm whose mother is even more generally worried than he is.

As was previously speculated, James McAvoy will play the stuttering Bill Denbrough, while Bill Hader will take on the role of Finn Wolfhard’s Richie Tozier, who leverages his sarcasm and humor to become a funny Beverly Hills radio DJ in the book. Jessica Chastain is set to play Beverly Marsh, and as for adult versions of Mike Hanlon and Ben Hanscom, they have yet to be cast (or rather, no casting has been announced yet).

What do you think of the casting so far? Who would you like to see playing the parts of the remaining Losers’ Club? Do your own fan-casting down in the comments!

Featured Image: Warner Bros. / Giphy

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