This Invisible Man Costume Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Anybody who has been to any sort of convention where people dress up has seen some amazing costumes, but they’d still be blown away by this creation from Phoenix, Arizona costume maker Bill Freitag. It’s possible you’ve seen this one before (he appeared wearing it on Kelly And Michael in 2015), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome: His “invisible man” costume makes it look like a trench coat and suspenders are just hanging off a transparent frame, and the effect is as freaky as it is cool.

Just by looking at the videos, my guess is that Freitag isn’t actually an invisible person. Rather, I suspect the suspenders and jacket conceal a wire framing shaped into a human-like torso, and he is simply behind the “invisible” body (which the trench coat covers up well). Bear in mind that this is simply my guess as to what’s going on here, and Freitag might in fact be invisible.

In an interview, Freitag said that it took a few years between thinking of his Invisible Man costume and actually making it, and he says his wife is a critical part of the creation process:

“Ideas fill my head and I can’t clear my head until I can produce them. The Invisible Man was an idea bouncing around my head for three years. […] My wife and I are teammates. Once I figure something out, I depend on her to do the sewing aspect of the costume. One time, she was able to figure out how to cover a 22-foot Garfield for one of our floats. She always says that if she can figure out how to cover a giant Garfield, she can do anything.”

What do you think of the costume? Does it freak you out, or are you just impressed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image: Blao9/YouTube

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