Eric Bogosian On Daniel’s Season 2 Relationship with Armand and Playing Couples Counselor on INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE

In Interview with the Vampire season two, many, many immortals are running around. But one character who remains a human, at least when the second season kicks off, is Daniel Molloy. Daniel Molloy, played to perfection by Eric Bogosian, gives us a bit of a different perspective on things in Interview with the Vampire‘s world and serves as a surrogate for the audience in a world as detached from our own as it gets.

Eric Bogosian in Interview with the Vampire Season two as Daniel Molloy

At Interview with the Vampire season two’s New York premiere, Nerdist had the pleasure of chatting with Eric Bogosian about the inner workings of Daniel Molloy. Among other things, we discussed where the series is taking Daniel’s relationship with Armand, how Daniel really feels about his Vampiric subjects, and what it’s like to play counselor to a couple of insufferable bloodsuckers. Here’s what Bogosian had to say about his role in Interview with the Vampire season two.

Eric Bogosian in Interview with the Vampire Season two with Louis

Daniel is really the main third character of the Interview with the Vampire series, a human among vampires. At the heart of him, what kind of power do you think he holds, and how does he really feel about his subjects?

Bogosian: Well, working backward, I think he thinks that… I mean, there becomes a lot of sympathy between him and Louis. And I think he wants to find Louis and maybe even sees a reflection of himself in his neediness or his damaged elements. But on the other hand, he wants to defeat Armand. There’s no question Armand is an enemy, and there’s no… Well, things will… If you know the books, all kinds of stuff happens.

But I think Daniel’s strength is brain power. And because he’s a person who is kind of damaged goods, he puts all his eggs in one basket. He’s willing to risk his life if he can just solve this. These guys could kill him at any moment.

Armand in Interview with the Vampire Season two

Speaking of the book, Armand and Daniel have quite a complex relationship, to say the least. Do you think we will see any of that appear in season two?

Bogosian: [Puts his fingers to his lips and smiles devilishly, shaking his head.]

You’re on a recording, so we need some words here.

Bogosian: We’re going to have to leave that to your imagination because there is a lot coming. But I guarantee there will be some cool stuff happening by the end of the second season.

Okay. Well, we’ll relay that to the fans of Daniel and Armand.

Bogosian: But, it’s also going to be heavy. There’s going to be a lot of heaviness.

Armand and Louis in Interview with the Vampire season two

So, how did Daniel feel about ending up as a couple’s counselor for Armand and Louis in Interview with the Vampire season two?

Bogosian: It’s all in service of the job, which is to get the story. That’s all he cares about. I think when they sit down and they say, at the very beginning of the second season, “We’re going to be honest with you. We’re going to tell you everything now. We’re going to hold hands and be sweet.” And he’s like, “What bullshit are they handing me now? They’re not doing this because they mean it. They’re up to something and I got to figure out what it is.”

After speaking at such length with Louis and Armand in Interview with the Vampire season two, do you think Daniel still holds his desire to become a vampire?

Bogosian: It’s always going back and forth. In the first season, I give plenty of good reasons why I don’t want to become a vampire. But it’s pretty hard to not… I don’t think it’s just a matter of, “I don’t want to be sick anymore.” I think the more he spends time with vampires, the more he understands what an incredible frontier it is to span centuries. I mean, look at Armand. 500 years old. Come on. What would that be like?

Eric Bogosian in Interview with the Vampire Season two sitting

And then, looking at the books, are there any future moments that you’d be really excited to bring to life should there be a season three of Interview with the Vampire and beyond?

Bogosian: The moment that I’m really looking forward to, which has nothing to do with me, is when, I think her name is Akasha, is flying around the world destroying villages with Lestat in her arms. I love that image. And I don’t know, unfortunately, Cher is too old now, but I always think of someone like Cher flying around with Sam [Reid].

On that amazing note, Interview with the Vampire season two premieres on AMC and AMC+ on May 12, 2024 at 9/8c.

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