An Inflatable Animal Parade Marches Through a Detroit Suburb

The inflatable T-Rex costume is a staple in current pop culture. They pop up at conventions, parties, music videos, and random city streets to spread a little frivolous joy. Sadly, there hasn’t been a lot of recent events for those mysterious T-Rexes to shine due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, one fun Detroit area group is bringing back the T-Rex—and more—with their unexpected inflatable animal parades.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the Ferndale T-Rex Walking Club is popping up all over the city of Ferndale to spread some joy to people who remain under quarantine. The collective’s name might suggest a gang of T-Rexes wandering the streets but they have a wide variety of costumes. There’s a zebra, a shark, a bear, a minion, and even a Hello Kitty in the mix for an epic animal march.

The Ferndale T-Rex Walking Club consists of around two dozen members, including dog groomer Sarah Ignash, who organized the initial walk in March. Her business is currently shut down and wearing a pink unicorn costume brings her joy in the midst of a tough time.

“It’s so much fun,” Ignash told AP.  “Nobody can really see (because) I have my mask on. And when I walk, I’m just smiling from ear to ear.”

inflatable animal parade

WXYZ-TV Detroit

Many of the group members are actually a part of the Ferndale Elk Club and keep the mystery going with a strict set of rules. They will not reveal their next location or what time the walk will start. So, residents have to simply keep an eye out for a single-file line of dancing puffy animals. Ignash assures everyone that social distancing is easy when you are engulfed in a big costume. And the participants still wear masks inside the costumes for additional protection.

No one asked for random animal parades, but it’s exactly what the world needs at this moment.

Featured Image: WXYZ-TV Detroit

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