Will INCREDIBLES 3 Take Another 14 Years To Make?

Pixar and Disney’s The Incredibles gave us the best Fantastic Four movie we’ve ever seen in 2004. The Parr family once again proved to be box office superheroes when Incredibles 2 opened with $182 million. That’s a record for an animated film, and even surpasses most of the MCU movies. But will fans have to wait another decade-and-a-half for Incredibles 3 to materialize? Today’s Nerdist News examines what it will take to bring the next Incredibles sequel to the big screen.

Join host and occasional heroine  Jessica Chobot as she explains why Disney and Pixar can’t simply make Incredibles 3. Neither studio is exactly adverse to sequels. After all, there have been three Cars movies since the first Incredibles. The only thing stopping the studios from doing more is director Brad Bird. When our managing editor Amy Ratcliffe asked Bird about a sequel, she got a very interesting response.[brightcove video_id=”5799910053001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]

However, Bird seemed to be more open to the idea when he spoke with Entertainment Weekly (EW). Bird admitted there are still potential stories to explore, particularly with the youngest Parr child, Jack-Jack. EW also revealed a lot of story material was cut out of Incredibles 2, perhaps enough to fill two movies.

Remember, those interviews were conducted before Incredibles 2 blew up the box office. Now that the movie’s on its way to potentially becoming one of the all-time highest grossing animated movies, it seems like a safe assumption that Disney and Pixar will reach out to Bird about a sequel sooner rather than later. It may still take a few years while Bird works on his passion project, 1906, but we think it’s in everyone’s best interest to get Bird back for a third Incredibles.

How do you feel about the potentially long wait before another Incredibles movie? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Pixar/Disney

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