IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW Documentary Explores ’80s Sci-Fi

Set your clock for the ’80s. It’s time to go back and explore the impact of the ’80s sci-fi films we love. The In Search of Tomorrow documentary from director David Weiner will examine movies such as Blade Runner, Back to the Future, and Mad Max to look at the artists who made them and how they’ve affected the broader pop culture landscape. Clocking in at over four hours, the documentary will include interviews with actors, directors, SFX experts, composers, and writers. We have an exclusive trailer showcasing the many classic movies the documentary will feature.


They say the doc will be an extensive nostalgic journey. That footage shows that statement is one hundred percent accurate. In Search of Tomorrow serves as a follow-up to the comprehensive In Search of Darkness, a four hour documentary about ’80s horror. Weiner told Nerdist, “The sleeper success of In Search of Darkness demonstrated that genre fans will enthusiastically welcome a nostalgic return to the films that shaped their lives in the form of an extended super-doc. In Search of Tomorrow promises to be an even more ambitious film journey worthy of the amazing content and creators that came out of ’80s Sci-Fi cinema: A celebration of human potential, exploring the most inspiring and eclectic movies of the decade, year-by year, that firmly captured our collective imaginations and changed our lives.”

In Search of Tomorrow poster


In Search of Tomorrow‘s interviewees include the likes of Bob Gale, Walter Koenig, Nancy Allen, Sean Young, Dennis Muren… and the list goes on and on. As you can imagine, this huge number of interviews takes time. They’re targeting a July 2021 release date for the documentary. But until then, you can join their fan community on Discord (gaining access is part of a Kickstarter pledge) for watch parties, special guest Q&As, and discourse about ’80s science fiction.

You can support In Search of Tomorrow on Kickstarter through May 17, and you can choose from a plethora of cool rewards.

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