‘Impossible Archery’ Video Filled with Ludicrous Trick Shots

Danish archer Lars Andersen is probably the closest living human we have to Legolas in terms of mad bow skills. Andersen, who’s an advocate for keeping alive the tradition of fluid, fast-paced “dynamic archery,” is able to shoot “turning arrows” around walls, shoot incoming arrows with other arrows, and even trained Taron Egerton in the lethal art for the 2018 film, Robin Hood. Now, in his latest videos, Andersen continues to astound with trick shots that seem so improbable they should only take place on the quantum scale.


In Andersen’s “Impossible Archery Vol. 1” video, above, we watch as he pulls off numerous precision trick shots, some of which look legitimately dangerous. For example, at one point, he shoots an arrow through the back window of a moving Tesla in order to take out a Coke can atop a wine glass. It seems dangerous because the arrow passes right behind the car’s driver’s head.

While the driving-car Coke can shot definitely seems like the most dangerous stunt in the video, the most impressive in terms of pure accuracy has to either be when Andersen shoots a drop of water in midair with an arrow, or when he simultaneously shoots a can, two swinging targets, and a coin. Both shots seem like they’d take weeks or months to nail, but something tells us he pulled them off after only a few attempts. Maybe because he’s also capable of this.


In the description for the Impossible Archery Vol. 1 video, Andersen notes that he is “trying to break the limit of what is possible in archery,” and that he’s become so good at making seemingly impossible shots possible thanks to his spending a “crazy many many hours for many years” working on his skill set. Oh, and he also made a brief video for Halloween (above), where he blows off papier-mâché undead heads with “zombie cutter” arrows that have four-inch-wide tips. And yes, we’re very excited to see what he’s going to do for Thanksgiving.

What do you think of these insane archery videos? Do you think the self-proclaimed “world’s most famous archer” is also the world’s best archer? Would you want this super-accurate Danish bowman in your zombie apocalypse squad? Let us know in the comments!

Images: larsandersen23

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