Paul Rudd Makes a New Friend in I LOVE YOU, ANT-MAN Mash-up Trailer

Even the biggest—and smallest—of heroes needs a partner sometimes, but what’s an (ant)man to do when all of his Avenger friends are busy fighting amongst themselves? He needs to go out there and make some new ones. Unfortunately, Hank Pym’s technology can’t help you cover up your social awkwardness, as Paul Rudd will discover when he co-stars alongside Jason Segel in this summer’s sure-to-be-smash-hit, Marvel’s romantic comedy I Love You, Ant-Man.

From the team behind our 1987 Thor: Ragnarok trailer and an even more ambitious Infinity War, our latest Nerdist Presents remix brings together the stars of the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp with 2009’s bromantic I Love You, Man. What we get as a result is the story of a superhero having a super hard time finding a best buddy to help him save the world. You might be surprised just how many members of the MCU appear in both universes, which strangely enough each have their very own Hulk.

(Oh man, you just know Sydney is going to cause some serious friction between Scott and Hope! Classic Sydney.)

As hard as it is to balance work, family, and friends, we’re sure it will all work out in the end. Not because we trust Scott to get his life together anytime soon, but because we know eventually Thanos will take care of, like, 50% of his problems.

Which Avenger should be the next one to star in one of our Remixes? We would love you if you gave us your best suggestion in our comments section below.

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