Watch Hydraulic Press Smash Household Items to Smithereens

Although all of us have thrown out plenty of random household stuff over our lifetimes, very few of us have used an industrial-scale hydraulic press to crush said stuff into dust. An unfortunate fact because, as the Hydraulic Press Channel shows in the video below, it looks like a ton of fun. And is clearly a deeply satisfying experience, even as a viewer.

The Hydraulic Press Channel recently posted its “satisfying compilation” of household HYDRAULIC SMASH! videos to YouTube. As for context, the channel’s hosts only note that they crush “everyday household items” in the video. With a hydraulic press that can apply 150 tons of pressure.

A hydraulic press crushing down on a can of Pringles, in between crushing many other household items in a satisfying way.
Hydraulic Press Channel

The video showcases the demise of dozens of household items and all of the destruction is oddly rewarding to watch. The team behind the channel—Finnish couple Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensila—load up everything from food to electronics to steel water bottles for a good crush. And each type of stuff has its own way of exploding and/or melting in a satisfactory manner.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite household item from the lineup of poor, inanimate objects. The steel bottles crush in on themselves beautifully; folding into a stack of wavy creases and, finally, a metal pancake. Objects like the clothes iron and the film camera also smash up nicely; exploding plastic, glass, and metal shards in all directions as they return to their more primordial states as disparate raw materials.

A hydraulic press crushing down on a toaster, in between crushing many other household items in a satisfying way.
Hydraulic Press Channel

As for overall favorite? That award may have to go to the Pringles can. Because while it’s a simple crushing of can at first, there’s something about seeing potato chips smashed into paste by a hydraulic press that just feels right. Although the same can be said for the plastic container of cocktail crackers. The Popcorn, however, is kind of a letdown. But also apparently still edible post crushing!

Feature image: Hydraulic Press Channel

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