Sad, Bizarre Snowmen Exploded with Big Gas-Bag Bombs

A wintry trend centered around finding new and exciting ways to annihilate unsuspecting snowmen may now be developing. In 2016, for example, Finnish farmers used “killer drones” to decapitate a series of snowmen in a video that oddly feels like it should be rated NSFW. And now YouTube channel Beyond the press has given us another reason to mourn for the balled, snowy peoples of the world, with its video of exploding snowmen with homemade explosives.

The video, which comes via Laughing Squid, shows Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensilta, the Finnish couple behind Beyond the press and the Hydraulic Press Channel, rolling up a couple of extremely bizarre snowmen–who have happy facial expressions in the saddest ways possible–and then exploding them with 100-liter trash bags full of oxy-acetylene gas, which is usually used for high-temperature welding and cutting. And even though the resulting explosions aren’t Die Hard-level, they’re still certainly powerful enough to blow Frosty to smithereens.

The reason for multiple explosions was due to the fact that during the first snowman explosion, the slow-mo cameras weren’t turned on, which meant that a second attempt was necessary. And all we can say about the second snowman is… we’re glad the Vuohensiltas were kind enough to put it out of its misery.

The exploding snowmen also provided another opportunity for the little adventurous GoPro to prove its worth as a masochistic recording box, as it was placed right next to the exploding trash bag. Although that’s still somehow less impressive than when it survived extreme levels of radiation or molten lava flows.

What do you think about this method of exploding snowmen? How would you like to see them destroyed in the future? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Beyond the press

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