Human Centipede Gummy Candy Is the Treat We All Need

Gummy candy comes in many shapes. You can have gummy bears, gummy sharks, gummy peaches, and more. But if those just aren’t weird and creepy enough for you, how about a gummy human centipede treat? I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Well, intrepid YouTuber Unnecessary Inventions is on the case. He’s bringing the people what they are clamoring for. Take a look at his journey to achieve this disgusting and yet delicious creation.

To make the gummy human centipede a reality, Unnecessary Inventions did what any purveyor of cursed objects would do. He made a 3D model of his human centipede, 3D printed it, filled it with silicone, got Bob Ross involved, and like magic, a bouncing baby gummy human centipede, complete with gummy intestines, was born.

To quote Hannibal, we are enchanted yet terrified. Like the body horror movie that inspired it, we’re not sure if we regret seeing this creation or not. But now we’ve seen it and we’ll never ever un-see it. ( And we’ve seen weird food.) So we may as well get on board with the absurd reality of it. And, ultimately, it is pretty funny. Honestly, we’re just glad this creature isn’t any longer than it is. A huge chain of these guys would really haunt our dreams.

Human Centipede gummy is digusting and delicious
Unnecessary Inventions

We guess it does look like something that could inadvertently become a hit on the internet. Just imagine if you could send a gift box of these to someone… We guess maybe the horror fan of your life would appreciate them. Everyone else in your life would be very sorry that you read this article. In the meanwhile, I think I’ll keep this gummy human centipede on the shelf where it belongs. For now, I’ll stick to gummy sharks, thank you very much. I prefer my candy intestines-less if I can help it.

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